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What we do?
At SAS, we create beautiful software utilities to solve business problems. We are on a mission to create superior simple business utility software that will help businesses to grow with changing times & technology.
Our Vision
As companies are lagging behind in the transition to digital, SAS One Business software helps you grow with changing times & technology. We make software, for which no technical knowledge is required to work. Easy to use simple business utility software. SAS One vision is to create superior simple business utility software that will help businesses to grow and accelerate revenue.
Our Mission
We are committed to providing our customers with the most affordable business solutions, making it easier for any company to transform into a technology-friendly company. Technology can simplify and streamline various business operations, saving you time, energy, and even money. Our research team is dedicated to finding problems that businesses face on a daily basis that can easily be solved with an introduction to cutting-edge technology. Small businesses that focus on digital advancement can earn twice as much revenue per employee & overall revenue growth.
Simple everyday business utilities
Over the years, we have custom-built dozens of products diving deeper and deeper into problems faced by businesses. We provide complicated artificial intelligence-based tech solutions in a simple business utility for every day.

Meet our leadership

  • SASONE_Founder_Luv_Kalra
    Luv Kalra
    Luv began his entrepreneurial journey in IT in 2007 at the age of 16. Luv finished his studies from London and returned back to India with a mission to start a tech company and un-complicate work life. Having 15 years of experience and research in digital, technology, gig, employment & career industry, Luv & Swapnil started his first project Rozgaar India, the leading gig platform to hire freelancers for remote, hybrid, and contract work.
    After the successful launch of Rozgaar India, Luv recognised the potential & rising opportunity of simple business utility softwares (SaaS) that will help small medium enterprises to match the technology advancement and accelerate revenue.His experience, knowledge and passion towards technology brings momentum to the SAS One team.

  • SASONE_Co-Founder_Swapnil_Chaturvedi
    Swapnil Chaturvedi
    Swapnil completed her education in International Business from London. She is an accomplished Founder with an established history of working in the digital sector. Currently, Swapnil leads two enterprises: SAS One and Times Ascent and multiple projects one of which is India’s leading freelance platform Rozgaar India.
    Swapnil has a clear vision & creative insights needed for a business. Having 10+ years of experience in the digital industry, her dedication and ability to drive innovation, motivate and foster relationships, has proven to be an invaluable asset to the company. Swapnil constantly goes above and beyond to create revolutionary new interface, she is a leader and team mentor.

    Swapnil has been recognised in TOP 10 INDIAN WOMEN LEADERS FROM ASIA 2022.

  • SASONE_Chief_Technical_Officer_Naval_Sharma
    Naval Sharma
    Naval Sharma has 20 years of experience in designing software architectures and getting them successfully implemented.Over the years he has successfully completed more than 100 solutions.
    Dhanush, an advanced call analysis solution, which is currently being used by almost all the law enforcement agencies like STF, ATS, CBI, RPF, CBCID, District police etc is one of the most preferred solution in its vertical. His Simple, stable architectures make the solutions easy to implement, easy to maintain, robust in security and good in performance.

  • SASONE_Chief_Growth_Officer_Sumit_Tandon
    Sumit Tandon
    Sumit Tandon has more than 8 years experience in the field of Finance and Audit. During his journey he has conducted numerous of Internal Audit's thereby gathering understanding of the basic problems faced by businesses.
    He began his entrepreneurial journey in 2021 by founding YE Clothing, a clothing brand that aims at providing premium clothing at affordable prices. Being experienced in Financial analysis, accounting and legal affairs, his approach towards long term goals is an important foundation in his journey towards making a successful business.


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