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At SAS ONE, we provide the best Business utility softwares for Sales& Marketing. With our high quality Business Integrated Softwares, we allow companies get in touch with the best possible advanced and time tracking solution. The benefits of using SAS Software solutions include minimal and hassle-free involvement in work, avoidance of any and all complex sales management, cost cutting & labour charge reduction, increasing efficiency rate, zero or negligible failure chances (since all processes are automated with the aid of advanced software, manual labour is not required), complete visibility/transparency, No requirement for Middle-men or intermediaries, With aid of our integrated software tools User can access and complete their work at any time, from any location, without regard to time constrain.
ONE Post  is created specifically to address the demand for social media creatives and advertising delivered in the softest and most user-friendly manner possible. With our one-click method of uploading and sharing documents and photographs to all social media platforms like - FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, LINKED-IN & YOUTUBE. One post saves client time and energy since normally to share one content to each and every social media account the user needs to login to each one manually, but with one post you just need to select and upload your creative and with the help of a single click your creative will be shared to all desired platforms, also while using One Post for sharing your post you do not need to login with your credential again and again as our technology remembers your login details.
Promote  is a platform that allows you to create unique business collateral for your team with only one click. It is very challenging for companies and businesses with many sales personnel to produce individual business creatives in less time, such as business manuals, posters, brochures, and pamphlets, because each sales employee requires a separate set of creatives, which not only prolongs and complicates the editing process but also makes it tedious and time-consuming. With the aid of promote, all of the employees in these business setups can have their own creatives created with the simple action of clicking a button. With our smart technology, the software also stores the information of each and every employee, so the Admin can choose which employees' creatives to create and to whom he wants to send the creative.The software helps in cost-cutting, eliminates the need for manual labour, and heavily decreases the amount of time and involvement required for such a demanding role of duty as producing creatives.
Wowcher   Wowcher is a product created specifically for businesses and organisations as a business voucher solution. With Wowchers, you can create vouchers based on your wishes and needs for your company and its special clients and customers at any time.Wowchers is simple to use and requires no professional knowledge. Wowcher serves as a gift for clients at specific milestones such as a good purchase or extra purchase, frequent purchases, and sales, discounts etc. It aids in the increased sales of products and the maintenance of healthy relationships with customers. It entices customers to visit to your business again and again, thus also increasing sales.
Earn with SAS  Earn with SAS is a solution created for referring and earning. Customers can recommend a product from your company and receive incentives in the form of money/cash from the firm.Earning with SAS is advantageous for businesses as it not only improves sales but also conducts free marketing. When individuals share and recommend your product, it brings it to the attention of those who were previously unaware of it, resulting in indirect promotion encouraging the next person to refer and earn as well.

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