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At SAS ONE, we provide the best Business utility softwares for Security & mangement. With our high quality Business Integrated Softwares, we allow companies get in touch with the best possible advanced and time tracking solution. The benefits of using SAS Software solutions include minimal and hassle-free involvement in work, avoidance of any and all complex management, cost cutting & labour charge reduction, increasing efficiency rate, zero or negligible failure chances .With aid of our integrated software tools User can access and complete their work at any time, from any location, without regard to time constrain.
Stock-One  is a platform designed specifically to look at and address management issues for the automobile industry's and sectors. The accessible users of Stock-One are given access to a detailed history of sold and available stock, as well as current booked and available stock and stock that has already been booked and is expected to be delivered in the future. It also allows the user to know the exact status of products that are physically available and stocks that are in transit. With the aid of the software, accessible users such as Showroom managers, delivery executives, booking & sales personnel, and executives can keep track of their work in real time, have a clear understanding of their respective departments, and report directly to their heads and other relevant company personnel. This not only makes managing these industries easier, but it also saves time, preserves a clear record of all the work, assists in assigning tasks to staff, and keeps track of each employee's performance and work history in their certain area.
KYC is a product designed specifically for companies and organizations to know their customers and to get the proper detailing and verification of the employees & workers as KYC involves information like Aadhar card and PAN Card of the workers through which the genuinity of a person and his actual address and banking information is stored with the company, using KYC the company gets access to all the original contacts & details of an employee without allowing the employee to hide or change anything from you. KYC assists organizations in reducing the danger of employee fraud in the form of erroneous home addresses, financial details, and data malfunction.
Dhanush is a call recording analysis programme intended specifically for security and management departments such as police, media, and other government and non-government companies. Dhanush allows the industry and its employees to have a far better experience with call recording, caller ID data, and tracking general and criminal records of callers, as well as keeping a good record of suspected caller profiles, of those under surveillance, and for maintaining confidentiality.

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