Embedded Product Design & Development

We design and develop products and services based on embedded technologies and IoT devices.
Electrical and software engineering encompass multiple disciplines and constant interaction and validation from clients help us deliver great solutions.
Constant collaboration and ideation and testing leads to more secure, faster, simpler, better user experience and hence successful products Agile methodologies help us achieve better results.

Embedded Software and Firmware Development

We develop Embedded software and design firmwares to leverage next generation Hardware build robust solutions for clients

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Circuit Board Design and Layout

We provide Design and development Consultancy for extending a design or design a new product. We help solve complex technical problems Great opportunity to collaborate and ideate and create better solutions that add value.

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Extend Design and development of Products

We have experience with the PCB design and layout process.

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IOT Products design and Development

We provide systems design and software development services for the IoT industry. Our focus is to deliver secure, robust solutions which have a longer lifespan

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Electronic & Software Engineering Offerings

Embedded software and firmware design and development

Requirement Specification
Requirement Specification
EMI/EMC Compliance Solutions
Design to Manufacture
Design to provide Service
Hazard Analysis
System Protection Definition and Solutions
Closed Loop Control
System Protection Definition and Solutions
Design to make Prototype
Architecture Conceptualization

Electrical Hardware Development

Embedded System Firmware
Embedded System Firmware
Circuit Board Layout
Communications Interfaces
RF Integration
Motion Control
Digital Signal Processing
Digital Circuits
Digital Signal Processing

Firmware/Software Development

React Native
React Native

Software Application Development

Embedded Linux etc

Our Commitment:

We pledge to uphold these quality principles throughout our organization and to continually improve our products, services, and processes. Our management team is fully committed to providing the necessary resources and support to achieve our quality objectives and ISO 9001 compliance.


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